Bestway 4.88m Pool Cover Grey


Bestway – Pool Cover – 4.88 Metre

– Durable PVC material. Includes ropes to secure cover. Drain holes to prevent water from accumulating

Using a swimming pool cover not only offers general comfort, but also an adequate level of hygiene. Above all, its use guarantees safety and enjoyment of the time spent playing or resting in a portable swimming pool. It also allows the water to be used for a longer period of time, reducing the frequency of water changes and thus reducing the cost and time spent refilling the pool. The 493 cm diameter cover is perfect for protecting your swimming pool. It prevents dirt from entering the water. It is made of high quality vinyl material that makes it resistant to sunlight and salt water. It has special channels that prevent it from collecting on it. Cables are also included in the set, which will definitely make installing the cover on the pool easier.

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